B2 Test of Technical English

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The European Language Certificates Test of Technical English (B2)

Verhandlungssicher as a description of your English skills is no longer acceptable on your CV. Nowadays companies want independently verifiable proof of a candidate’s competence in English. A telc exam provides you with that proof.

The telc gGmbH is a non-profit subsidiary of the DVV and offers language tests based on fair, reliable, and transparent standards. The company is ISO 90001 certified. One of the tests you can take at telc is the B2 Test of Technical English which is offered here in Kiel at regular intervals.

To help you best prepare for this internationally recognized test, Masters English is offering a series of intensive weekend courses specifically designed to show you how pass the telc B2 Test of Technical English.

For many test-takers, the most difficult part of any language exam is the oral exam. Therefore, Masters English uses the Communicative Method in this course. This method maximizes your speaking time and helps you overcome your fear of making mistakes so that you can impress the judges with your excellent command of the English language as well as your technical expertise.

For more information on telc’s B2 Test of Technical English including a downloadable practice test and listening comprehension file, click here.

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